Corporate Sales Program
Terms and Conditions Agreement

Please read and execute this Corporate Sales Program Terms and Conditions Agreement

The Starbucks Card Corporate Sales team appreciates your interest in making the Starbucks Card part of your campaign. We've put together this guide to assist you in developing creative pieces using the Starbucks Card name, word mark and design. We ask that you follow the attached Starbucks Card Corporate Sales Brand Guidelines when incorporating the Starbucks Card name, word mark or design into your promotional materials. Failure to do so may result in the denial of future orders.

Program Approval Criteria

  • Use of the Starbucks name and image to prospect for new customers is not permitted. Inappropriate uses include offering the Starbucks Card as incentive to individuals for whom this would be your first interaction.
  • The Starbucks Card may not be used in mass media advertising, including television spots, radio, magazine or web-based ads, or email or text-message blasts/campaigns to prospective customers.
  • If resold, the Starbucks Card must be sold at face value, and each program must receive Starbucks approval prior to Starbucks participation. You may not offer Starbucks Cards or other promotions through online auction or daily deal websites. Starbucks may work with certain entities for online promotions, but such other deals do not in any way suggest that you are authorized to make such offers.

Identity and Usage Guidelines

When marketing to current customers, and your program meets the above criteria:

  • You are welcome to use the Starbucks Card name and card image, or the Starbucks word mark. Please call 03-20525888, Monday to Friday between 9:30 am - 5:30 pm for approved images and note that any marketing materials will also need to be approved before publication. No use may be made of the Starbucks "Siren" logo or any other Starbucks proprietary materials.
  • The Starbucks name or Card image cannot be used on the outside of a direct mail piece (i.e. postcard, envelope).
  • The Starbucks Card should always be referred to as a "Starbucks Card," not a gift card, gift certificate or coffee card.
  • When using the Starbucks Card as an incentive or reward, position the Card as a complimentary gift or treat for your customer rather than a "free offer."
  • Your creative pieces should clearly illustrate that the offer is from your company, not Starbucks, i.e. "As a customer of XYZ company, we'd like to offer you..."
  • Your creative piece should not appear as a co-branded promotion. Any reference to Starbucks should be secondary to your company, and the Starbucks Card or other identifiable Starbucks design should be less prominent than your company's identifiers.
  • The words used in your creative piece should not refer to any possible stimulating effect of coffee, such as "caffeine", "jolt", "perk" or "buzz."
  • Do not use a registration mark when talking about the Starbucks Card or Starbucks Coffee Company. A registration mark is only required when talking about Starbucks® products or services.
  • The Starbucks Card image should not be altered, covered or distorted when presented in creative materials.
  • Starbucks Card terms and conditions are clearly stated on the back of the Starbucks Card itself, and do not need to be included in your creative piece.
  • This notice must be used on all creative pieces using the Starbucks Card name, design, brand or image:

"The Starbucks word mark and the Starbucks Logo are trademarks of Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks is also the owner of the Copyrights in the Starbucks Logo and the Starbucks Card designs. All rights reserved. Starbucks is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer."

Example Scenario:


Receive a MYR20 Starbucks Card when you sign up for Company X services.


Receive a MYR20 Thank You Card when you sign up for Company X services.

For further information or assistance, please email or contact our Starbucks Card Customer Care at 1300-80-8989.