Starbucks Card FAQs

How can I own a Starbucks Card in Malaysia?
With as low as RM20, you can activate a Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store in Malaysia. The amount will be loaded into your Starbucks Card. There is no set up fee or fee for usage.

What can I purchase using my Starbucks Card?
The Starbucks Card can be used to purchase anything in our store; from your favorite beverage to the latest merchandise.

What are the benefits of using a Starbucks Card?
The Starbucks Card offers you greater convenience when making your purchases. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to the latest Starbucks merchandise.

Besides the ease of convenience, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice when you purchase 10 handcrafted beverages (EXCEPT single espresso, milk, bottled beverages, Reserve Coffee)
    * Any modifier/add-on will be charged accordingly
  • A complimentary packet of 250g whole bean coffee when you purchase 10 packets of 250g whole bean coffee
    *also applicable for 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew*
  • A complimentary Classic Donut or Muffin when you purchase 10 food items (EXCEPT packaged food and candies)
  • A complimentary packet of 250g whole bean coffee OR 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew when you purchase a coffee press of any size

 What's more, upon registration of your card, not only will your balance be protected, you will also enjoy additional benefit of:

  • 1 complimentary slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage during your birthday month

* All complimentary items are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance except birthday privilege which is to be
    redeemed within the birthday month
* Complimentary food and whole bean coffee or VIA® Ready Brew is based on non-promotional item only
* Food Reward - Complimentary item can be subject to change

What is a benefit count? What is a reward? Any difference?

  • Benefit count - with each purchase of a beverage, food item OR whole bean/ 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew, you will earn a count to the respective tracker.
  • Reward - the complimentary item that you have earned after making purchases at our store.
* Accrual of benefit count or reward may not be valid for discounted items

How do I start earning a benefit count/ reward?
By simply paying your purchases with a Starbucks Card at any store in Malaysia.

What happens if your store is facing system down/ offline? Can I still make payment with my Starbucks Card to earn a benefit count/ reward?
During system down/ offline, we are unable to accept payment via Starbucks Card. But fret not, as you can still earn your benefit count/ reward by having your Starbucks Card swiped by the barista at the counter and settling the bill with cash or credit card.

Why did Starbucks introduce the Malaysia Starbucks Card?
It’s just our way of saying thanks to you for being our loyal Starbucks customer. It is always our duty to enhance your Starbucks experience and what better way can we do it if not creating the convenience and rewarding you back with benefits of using your Starbucks Card.

How can I find out the balance in my Starbucks Card?
You can check your balance in your Card at any participating store in Malaysia by asking for a balance inquiry from our friendly baristas over the counter or by logging onto Additionally, Starbucks Card transaction receipts will include your remaining Card balance.

Alternatively, you may also contact the Starbucks Card customer call centre at 1300-80-8989 to obtain your balance once you have registered your card.

Why should I register my Starbucks Card?
Registration of your Card helps protect the balance on your Card. If you have lost or misplaced your Card, you can log onto to deactivate your Card or simply transfer the balance to another Card. The balance amount upon deactivation will be protected. You will also enjoy the benefits that come with registration of your Card.

How do I register my card?
To get it started, log onto You'll need your Card with you and then just follow the instructions to get your Card registered. It's that easy!

Will I be able to view my in-store transactions on-line?
Yes, you will be able to view last twenty transactions on your Card.

What should I do if my Starbucks Card is lost, stolen or faulty?
If your Card is registered, you will be able to deactivate your Card and protect your balance upon deactivation. Simply log onto, log in to your Starbucks Card account and click on Report Loss of Card. You can transfer the balance to another existing Card or upon deactivation, you may proceed to the nearest Starbucks store near you to purchase a new card and transfer your remaining balance via the same website.

Can I reuse my Starbucks Card?
Definitely! Your Starbucks Cards is re-loadable and re-useable. You can reload your Starbucks Card with cash, debit or credit card in any of our stores in Malaysia.

How do I reload my Starbucks Card?
You can reload your Card at any Starbucks store in Malaysia OR simply reload it online!

How do I reload my Starbucks Card online?
By simply following the below steps:

  1. Login to your Starbucks Card account
  2. Click on “Manage my Card”
  3. Select the card that you wish to reload by clicking the card visual
  4. Click “Reload my Card”
  5. Click “Proceed to Reload”
  6. Complete the require information

Can I load or reload a Starbucks Card with another Starbucks Card?
No, you cannot load or reload a Starbucks Card with another Starbucks Card. The payment modes acceptable to load or reload a Starbucks Card are cash, debit or credit card.

Is there an expiration date on my Card?
The expiration date is 3 years from the last transaction on your Card. So, as long as you keep using your Card, the expiration date keeps rolling.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount the Card can hold?
You can load the Card from any amount in denominations of RM10 with RM 500 being the maximum amount the card can hold at any one time.

Can I make partial payment with my Starbucks Card?
Yes, you can split payment on a transaction using your Starbucks Card and any other form of payment that is accepted at our stores.

Can I pay using multiple Starbucks Cards for one transaction?
Yes, for a single transaction, payment can be made with a maximum of 5 Starbucks cards.

Can I return a Starbucks Card that I have purchased or received as gift recently and request for a refund?
No. All Starbucks Card purchased or received are non-refundable nor exchangeable for cash.

How does Starbucks protect my privacy after I register my Starbucks Card?
Under the privacy statement, Starbucks will not give your name to other companies without your permission. Also, you control whether or not you receive information about special promotions and events from Starbucks.

After you're registered you can view or change your opt-out choices by visiting the Starbucks Card section. Please read the privacy statement online.

Can I update my personal particulars on my Starbucks Card?
Yes, you can view or update your personal particulars by visiting 

Can I purchase a Starbucks Card in Malaysia and use it in another country?
The Starbucks Card in Malaysia is only valid for use in all stores in Malaysia.